I am so grateful to have the immense support of my family & friends, and to live out this Life Dream surrounded by so many wise and generous people. Thank you EVERYONE for the magic & grace that unfolds through you ~ René Jenkins

I’m getting more feedback (exclamations) over yesterday’s masterful artistry, Rene’. Some of the listeners have told me they think what you do is magical and mesmerizing and that you are greatly gifted to be able to evoke such deep meditative states in others.

Yesterday I was listening to your CD’s. I found it very restful to focus on my work as I listened. (At the same time, I realized that WATCHING you move, focus, and meditate as you played, contributed significantly to the depth of my experience.) I also went to YouTube, yesterday, to see what you have there; it’s fine meditation music, but compared to yesterday, I didn’t think it did you justice.

The world MUST have more opportunities to see your magical art. I can picture you performing for an audience of 1000+… and I wish it could be at Westminster!!! (Let’s call it into being with powers of thought.)

Have a nice ending to a week that you made very special for us here.

B Slocum – Director of Westminster’s weekly concert series

I love your CDs!!!! I have one in my car and I listen to the music every day! It is the best healing music!

With gratitude, Gala E.

Your healing vibe is selfless and profound. I have to get my Rene, “Native Therapy” at least once a month. Please keep me on your mailing list. The benefits are compounding and integrated into I Am.

~ Higher Love, John F

I have something coming up this summer that I would love to bring you into to… We are planning a gathering this summer for the first Harvest August 2-6. It is going to be all about returning to garden and earth wisdom. we are going to have cooking from the garden be central along with learning how to listen to nature. I am wondering if you & Janay would be open to bringing your sound healing to the gathering? I have my fingers crossed that you will be interested and available.

Much love to you both ~ Mary M

Hi Rene’ and Janay, This is Kathy from the healing session in PA. Please know that my sound healing completely changed after meeting you both. I didn’t put two and two together until now. I’ve “collecting” instruments of all sorts for years. I sawed off the end of my conch shell and smoothed it out – now I play it. My Pan Flutes from Peru are part of the healing now too. Plus many others. It’s been amazing and I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for the experience.

Light, and Laughter, Kathy

We met last year at a meditation in Berkeley. I just wanted to drop a note and let you know the Ceremonia cd that I bought from you has been key in helping me out this year. Things were a bit chaotic for me and I ended up putting in the cd whenever I needed to calm down and try to center myself. It was also wonderful for helping to drift off to restful sleep.

I just wanted to thank you and Janay. I’m looking forward to attending another event with your music sometime soon. Thanks for everything!

Much Love ~ Jocelyn N.

I want to share with you some reactions to your work in Davis this weekend.

I talked last night to one of my choir singers who was there, and she said a few interesting things. She said her good friend who was there looked at her when it was all done and said, “He needs to be . . . everywhere!!!” She said she and her husband couldn’t even talk about the experience until the next day (they are the ones who lost a child 26 years ago). When they did speak, her husband said that everything you did flowed perfectly, the words, the music. She said it was one of the most boundless experiences she has ever had.

The force of love in the voices of your instruments feels undeniable to me, like it is not an option to shut it out. Those voices go into the body and sound the voice of love and healing so strongly, there is nothing to be done but give in and receive.

Feeling blessed. – Laura S

Hi Rene,
It was wonderful seeing you last Wednesday at Unity of Marin. It was so fun bringing Lydia to her first sound healing. (her 4-6 year old daughter) She and I both loved it. Afterwards she kept asking me how are you so much like God? It made a big impression on her. Do you have any other sound healings coming up in the near future? Do you still do private sound healing sessions?

Hello Rene —

I am still feeling the regeneration effects from yesterday’s session. I am so grateful that you popped into my awareness so I could contact you and so grateful for your guided intuition to suggest the session yesterday, exactly when you did. It was all so perfect. And the LOVE — Oh, the LOVE that poured through you is still with me. I am still feeling sustained by it. It is all so Divine.

I just made out the check to you for two sessions and am putting it into the mail today. I don’t know if the postman has already come and gone so it may only go out tomorrow.

I am anxious to book the next session close to the end of December — if your schedule allows. Please let me know.

So much gratitude and love


“René performed two remote VibeTherapy sessions for me recently after a hospitalization, and I must say that particularly in the first session, I felt a tingling all through my body which lasted for the entire session. The next day was the best day I had experienced in over a month. I did not feel the same tingling in the second session, but I did feel better for several days afterwards. Slow but steady progress in my recovery has continued. There is no question in my mind that sound healing works, even from a distance, like prayer, and René Jenkins is a Master.”

Zen W. M.S. M.A. Ph.D.

“A few days ago during a sound healing session with René Jenkins, I participated in a spirit dance with my allies, power animals and angelic spiritual messengers. Through a variety of sounds exquisitely produced on traditional instruments many of which have been used since ancient times (conch shell, bone flutes), I was transported into spaces where deep healing, clearing, communications and reverie occurred. The talents, sensitivity and masterful intuitive qualities of René Jenkins as guide must be experienced and is recommended for all journeyers who seek to explore the vast, numinous landscapes and skylands of the mind, soul.”

-Y. Womack, Ph.D., Petaluma, California

“René Jenkins is a master as a Ceremonial Sound Healer. He brings with him a
deep sacred Peruvian connection, a sensitivity to Spirit and to what I am
experiencing in the moment. He builds a container of loving energy within
which the healing occurs.

My work with René has been extremely valuable to my personal growth and
healing and I highly recommend him to all.”

Hari L., CHT

Thank you for putting me on your list. First of all I want to say how wonderful the session at Zion was. I was amazed that 4 hours had passed and was awed at your stamina to do it! Thank you. I also spoke with you, Rene, about the Chimu Water Vessels, because I am interested in purchasing one. If you have info on that please let me know.
Thank you again, I am inspired to expand my healing practice with sound.

Rene, Your work is remarkable and I only wish I was located in the right place and could afford some of your concerts and ceremonies. I tell people about your work often. It is absolutely spellbinding and healing beyond all measure. I think it heals in ways folk are not even aware as it happens. Please keep me on your mailing list, even if I don’t show up for your ceremonies.


“I came to your first sound healing ceremony at the Unity Church in Henderson and it was wonderful. It helped me to heal some physical problems and also opened up my intuitive abilities stronger and being very Psychic all my life they were pretty strong already. Keep doing what your doing you are contributing to the healing of this planet. I have been unable to attend anymore of your sound healing sessions as I no longer live in Las Vegas. I have moved to North Carolina. If you ever come out here near the Charlotte area let me know.’

Blesssings of Love & Light Alannah J.

P.S. I bought your CD and play it often to cleanse & heal energy.

Dear René and Janay,
What a wonderful experience I had at your sound healing/Angelic touch ceremony last Friday! The program you have created together is truly remarkable and effective. I have felt an enduring sense of peace and calm ever since and continue to watch as my intentions unfold. Thank you for holding such clear and loving energy for healing.
All the best, always,
Janna R.

Good Morning,

I had to have some time to think about the effects of the sound healing. Really, to understand what has happened to me.

So here I am, walking along in life, clearing, living, clearing, living. A constant cycle that never stops. I come across Vibe Therapy as a “blow your socks off moment” for a friend and myself, really for her, because what else can blow my socks off? And………My life goes into a tail spin for two weeks afterwards. If there is any more gunk in me it get shaken loose from the already shaken energy field and life, waking and dreaming become quite a challenge. So in the midst of this, and when you are in it it is hard to comprehend it all. So in it, I, think everyone else is having problems as well as the Earth, and that may well be, but it was little ole me all the time. Of course I do not have the understanding until I return two weeks later for another session as all my garbage is released. At least I hope so. I guess for now.

The first experience was a visual journey that took me through the indigenous cultures of the Earth through the music and with Devic and Elemental Kingdom. I was awed by the sounds, color and visions.
My second journey was almost all physical and emotional as my body heaved forth just alittle bit more energy to be transmuted.

Thank you Rene’ and Janay,

The journey continues, Love Always, Lyssandra

“René Jenkins, an accomplished “pied piper” of the heart, drew them into the performance with the haunting sounds of a didgeridoo speaking initially in a mesmerizing drone evolving with pulsed breath into a swirling dance as the melodic rhythm overtook the room. He shared with them how he learned circular breathing and demonstrated how this breathing was used to make continuous sound. Walking through the audience, children parted and swirled like shafts of wheat around his feet, giggling excitedly, as he gently allowed them to experience the sound vibration around them. He had them at didgeridoo!”
Read the Full Story Here

~ Sharing Sound Healing with Children Through Bread & Roses

If you attended the last Vocal Art Ensemble concert, you experienced René Jenkins’ music. Sometimes the audience was profoundly still. Sometimes there was an audible intake of breath. In every moment, we focused on the sounds, feelings and sights. Arrive ready to feel something that moves through the body, and lifts the heart. “René’s music . . . reminds you of times past, or to allow you to briefly experience that which you never actually witnessed. He harnesses instruments most people have likely never seen, yet through them he sings ancient, compelling melodies that dig to our common ancestral roots. It is transporting to feel the actual vibrations coursing through you, as if they are harmonious with our very life force. . . it’s just amazingly cool!” ~ T. Barbieri, Vocal Art Ensemble Director

Hello, Rene’,
It was very nice meeting you and being present at such a wonderful performance last week. You have/are a healing gift that is so needed in this world.
Thank you for your gift of Weya. It’s a stunning accomplishment with the assembled musicians improvising the entire CD in a single take. Gorgeous!
I wished I could have beamed you in for the beautiful sky that greeted me. I pulled off at a “scenic” parking lot and snapped a few iPhone photos just to capture the moment. It seems as if it was done in encore to your performance. Perhaps the cultures and ancestors that you honor are cheering from above ~ Bread & Roses Show (Host & Volunteer)

There are many now calling themselves sound healers. Some who pick up a bowl and with a single strike become a “healer”. It is a whole other matter when one has taken the long journey, as you have. What a gift and treasure you are. Thank you! ~ W. Sterndale

You are the tune that brings people together. Love is the force and you bring it in your music. ~ Maria

René, you have a beautiful gift and we are so grateful that you came to share with our community.
I look forward to having you return.
May your path be continually blessed. ~ Elizabeth

Here is some sound healing for you: the sound of me whispering and moaning “thank you, thank you, thank you” over and over for the mystic, acoustic, magic, ecstatic, sounds you produce at the monthly healing service in San Rafael I have been privileged to attend. ~ Kathy D.

By the way, Erin, my daughter whose hands you were drawn to at the Service of Reincorporation had been writing her novel that week while I was gone, and all her characters were in high drama and crisis–very creative work. Plus, since then, her extremely high intuition, which filled her with foreknowledge as a child and then subsided when she did not know how to handle the power of it in childhood, has returned beautifully. She offered a powerful healing to a friend of mine this past week that moved him from aching tears to laughter in minutes. Thank you for calling it like you saw it. I am deeply moved and inspired by what I am seeing in her and grateful to your role in helping it flow.

Peace, Nancy

Rene – my wife and I attended last Saturday night’s musical/spiritual offering. It was beautiful. Thank you for the gift you gave us.
Hearing you and the others who joined you Saturday marked an important moment in my pilgrimage. And my wife was totally swept up in your digeridoo playing! She’s a former music therapist who so appreciated what you all utilized in connecting with us. Please put us on your email list – we would so value hearing you and meeting you. ~M. Medin, Santa Rosa

Your music is such a wonderful benevolent prayer and blessing to all. I just want you to know that
I was indeed open enough to benefit from your truly healing vibrations. I felt as though I was even able to
relax my muscles much more completely even than when I sleep. I was amazed at how wonderfully your guest musician’s
music blended with your ancient tribal instruments. I left feeling exceptionally happy and filled with love.

I have never felt more prayed for. What a wonderful expression of LOVE! ~ K. Ingram

Hello Dear René,
I’ve been listening to the song Weya many times over and I find that it creates the most beautiful heart expansion and flow of love. It feels like heart medicine, and I can’t listen to it without totally appreciating you. Recently I was in Shasta at a workshop and in the evening someone did a sound healing with a didgeridoo. It made me realize how profoundly privileged I am to have experienced your sound healing journeys and your music. When you play, the connection to spirit is so clear and powerful. I never feel like I’ve watched a performance but rather like I participated in something interactive taking place in the present moment, even though I wasn’t playing any music…

J. H. Petaluma

Memorial Service of J. Moore
When I suddenly noticed you were gone, I figured that you probably had intentionally made a quiet exit given the conversations going on and shift to dinner. But I had wanted to tell you how very moved I was, as well as the others with your guiding us so sensitively. And your amazing instruments and playing were so powerful and heart-opening. I had so wanted this day to be especially memorable and it was clear that that was what you helped accomplish. People didn’t seem to want to leave – many stayed on. I feel so “filled up” today with the richness of yesterday and the deeper healing that occurred with your guidance.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so very much for sharing your heartfelt gifts and talents with the Unity In Marin community last week. It was a night filled with energy, high vibrations, connections, love and deep gratitude.
Today one of the attendees told me that she was brought to tears during the opening with the bamboo and pipe flute and that she didn’t quite know why… Another told me that she was “gone”… further than ever before… Another felt a healing take place when you played the didge over her. ~ Lisa

Dear Rene, My heart, indeed my entire nervous system is calm and I feel deeply nourished by the entire day. I was sparked each time you picked up another instrument to notice how adept you are with each “tool”. When you described our work is to break the cycles, the habits of many generations the words rang so true that my being flew open to release as much as possible.

Thank you for your dedication to your work and your generosity of spirit, D. Reid

Good morning, Rene. I attended your healing session last night. Elsa informed me of your work. On the walk to my car, I couldn’t stop saying, “Thank you, God. Thank you, God. Thank you, God.

So now I will say, “Thank you, Rene.” Last night my heart got to commune with the sounds that open it further. I am breathing differently today. -A bow to you.

Thank you, Marianna

rene-headshotRené Jenkins is a professional musician, Ceremonial Sound Practitioner, Healing Performance and Recording Artist from Sonoma, California. For more than 25 years, René performs sound healing concerts, blessings and ceremonies for individuals and special groups throughout the US and internationally. While embracing the ancestral wisdom from cross-cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien, Kashaya-Pomo elder/healer Lorin Smith, and renowned South American sound healer/musician Tito La Rosa, René raises consciousness-vibration through Sacred Sound and Intention.

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