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St David’s Cathedral, The Peebles in Haverfordwest, UK

I presented St David’s Cathedral’s Free Concert Series in August 2018 – “Ancestral Sound Journey with Indigenous Instruments” and brought a small assortment to share. Not knowing how many people would show, I was just excited to hear how the sounds would resonate within this beautiful, historic site.

“Calling Spirit to open communication with the Heart” is how I learned to play the Pututo (conch shell). What happened while playing inside St. David’s was quite profound for me. As I looked up to address the upper world (Hannan Pacha) and saw Christ on the crucifix suspended from above, an immediate awareness flooded in an instant that the old way of worship has come to an end. The Grand Cathedral is an ‘outer representation’ of our ‘inner Kingdom.’ The place we go to counsel with the truly Divine One is within each of us.

As I called to each direction, I felt the heralding of all the ages, affirming this truth that the ending of an era—the ending of the manipulation and lies has come, and I was also pronouncing the beginning of the New Era. -Blessed we ALL be! So regardless of how this may sound, the feeling was overwhelming, crystal clear and deeply moving.

I proceeded to play a few instruments, sometimes talking about their qualities and metaphysical histories of how they were used by our ancestors.

When the Didjeridu began to sound, the room became suddenly very quiet. Even the tourists passing through stopped talking and watched! A few people came up to me after the concert and brought that back to my awareness. I was certainly so ecstatic that I had forgotten about the ‘moment out of time’ effect. 

I knew this “performance” could give ‘stretch marks’ for some folks in the audience, church staff and the Bishop on duty –but at the end, he gave me a big smile and thanked me for coming. 

I left St. David’s imagining how wonderful it would be to attend a new kind of service here where people come for healing, and community celebration, and receive teachings that support the cultivation of one’s personal understanding of their Divinity and experience of the Kingdom Within. Dedicated to raising the consciousness vibration of Humanity and to inspire a reverence of the natural world as a miraculous living expression of God Consciousness which we all are a part. Equal, unique, precious and rare we be… A-Men!

rene-headshotRené Jenkins is a professional musician, Ceremonial Sound Practitioner, Healing Performance and Recording Artist from Sonoma, California. For more than 25 years, René performs sound healing concerts, blessings and ceremonies for individuals and special groups throughout the US and internationally. While embracing the ancestral wisdom from cross-cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien, Kashaya-Pomo elder/healer Lorin Smith, and renowned South American sound healer/musician Tito La Rosa, René raises consciousness-vibration through Sacred Sound and Intention.

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