My Instrument Allies

“In Truth, each of us is an Instrument—a miraculous, Divine expression with unique abilities to create great beauty and inspire each other.”

“Each instrument helps me express the qualities and elements for others to remember what has been forgotten or lost,” René explained. “Each of us has a remembrance of wholeness, or being one with the universe on some level of consciousness, and I believe there is something in the ancient expression that reminds us of a time when were more connected to the natural world. Sometimes the music comes as a gentle nudge or gesture, like a sweet lullaby. For others it’s more emphatic, akin to a heroic call to arms.”

Interview by Meg McConahey

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My Instrument Allies


I play with the intent of reuniting others to the cellular memory of Oneness and Wholeness.

Ancestral Instruments are made of organic materials (leaves, wood, ceramic, hide, feather & bone). The sounds range from primordial to hauntingly beautiful and strangely familiar. They are played with the intent to guide listeners into an altered-state of awareness, as they have by our ancient ancestors. The inherent qualities of sounds produced can by-pass the ego’s mental-emotional defenses revealing core issues and deepening personal insight. The sacred sounds resonate latent ancestral memories (collective unconscious or subconscious) from times passed when humanity was closer to (and more intimate with) the Natural World. Like sonic codes that open personal vaults of records for each individual to access.

Some of these instruments have specific traditional Shamanic uses for calling in the Spirit and clearing “static” mental, emotional, and physical energies. Other instruments are used for ancestor work (releasing harmful family patterns or reconnecting with ancestor spirits as helping allies) and discharging past traumas. Others are for journeying, increasing physical energy, and raising courage. Perhaps their most powerful attributes are in animating the sounds of the natural world–essentially bringing the outside “in”.

rene-headshotRené Jenkins is a professional musician, Ceremonial Sound Practitioner, Healing Performance and Recording Artist from Sonoma, California. For more than 25 years, René performs sound healing concerts, blessings and ceremonies for individuals and special groups throughout the US and internationally. While embracing the ancestral wisdom from cross-cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien, Kashaya-Pomo elder/healer Lorin Smith, and renowned South American sound healer/musician Tito La Rosa, René raises consciousness-vibration through Sacred Sound and Intention.

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