Honoring My Teachers

“The many amazing tools and cherished instruments Tito has generously gifted me have become expressions of my most inner Self. It is through the voice of these ancient instruments where I express my Inspired Spirit. Inspiration expressed inherently inspires others to share their gifts with the world. I feel we are here to inspire each other and offer the gift that is our life to Life itself. We are art, and living–an art form.” ~ René Jenkins

Mom & Dad—Spirituality, music, alternative healing, humor

Zen Williston—PhD, author, counselor, spiritual advisor and life coach

Tito La Rosa

Peruvian sound healer, musician, mentor, mesa and modeling ‘The Way’ for me. He has essentially created new “ancient” compositions that contain origin songs for healing the Soul. From the time I heard Tito play his first notes and saw the way he animated Spirit, I somehow knew or recognized that I this is what I do—yet I haven’t done this before..? His model for healing with sound is the form I employ today. For more than a decade, La Rosa, a descendent of Quechua Indians of the Peruvian Andes, has been recovering and preserving, studying, and intuiting the ancestral music of Peru. Proceeds from concerts, healings & workshops that Tito conducts in the United States benefit Ayni Projects working on a number of projects committed to the preservation of the cultural legacy of the Quechua Indians in the Andes.

I am inspired and moved by this man’s acoustical and magical way in the world. His gift to me is perpetuated through my choice to be love through sound, and Tito has generously given me many many tools to express the Light I AM. Thank you, my brother, teacher, friend…always.

Please visit http://www.ayniprojects.com for current information about Tito La Rosa & Elba Bravo.

Rene Jenkins and Tito La Rosa
In concert for Ayni Project with Tito La Rosa at the Muir Beach Community Center in Oct. 2004
Rene Jenkins, Ailish Schultz, Tito La Rosa
President, Ailish Schutz, of the non-profit organization, Ayni Projects, speaks prior to the concert at the Muir Beach Community Center

Images above and below: Taken at the Mysteries of the Amazon Exhibition, Appleton Museum, Ocala, Florida with paintings of visionary artist, Pablo Amaringo and his students. (Sept 2017 – photos by Alan Boxall) Click photos to enlarge. 

Angeles Arrien

Angeles Arrien was a cross-cultural anthropologist, educator, award-winning author, and consultant to numerous organizations and businesses inside and outside the medical field. She lectured nationally and internationally and conducted workshops bridging cultural anthropology, psychology, and mediation skills on issues such as conflict resolution and multi-cultural issues. Through the fast and few years I worked with Angeles Arrien, I experienced her brilliance upon Vision Quests. I developed a deeper connection to the meaning of being Human through her Four Fold Way work and have integrated the ancestral wisdom into my daily practice 10 years prior to stepping onto the path as “Sound Healer”. Angeles’ work continues to shape my creations and bring deeper meaning to my Life. Bless you, Angeles. Rest in peace.

Nancy Feehan

I am so grateful to Nancy for introducing the Four Fold Way of Angeles Arrien’s, and for the masterful way she led me and our group through the material. Nancy’s leadership, guidance and sense of humor has made an ever-lasting impact and continues to help me walk the mystical path with practical feet!

Lorin Smith

Lorin Smith is a native healer called a Yumptha of the Kashaya-Pomo Indians in Elk, California. The Weya CD salutes his life and his life’s work. There are no words to express the depth of my gratitude to Lorin and the Kashaya-Pomo for sharing Weya and this precious piece of ancestral wisdom. I learned many ways Weya is given & received through song.

Nora Fanshel

Breema-Shiatsu instructor

Breema-Shiatsu instructor modeling grace and wisdom through her touch. When I was exploring different forms of healing, I witnessed Nora’s work and how it deeply resonated with me. The work is done through the connection of the Hara (Center). Throughout the treatment, every movement comes from the Center. This principle is central to my sound healing work and the theme is reflected from every teacher I’ve had ever since. Nora and I continue to explore BreemaVibes together (combining Breema-Shiatsu and Ceremonial Sound Healing) upon special request.

rene-headshotRené Jenkins is a professional musician, Ceremonial Sound Practitioner, Healing Performance and Recording Artist from Sonoma, California. For more than 25 years, René performs sound healing concerts, blessings and ceremonies for individuals and special groups throughout the US and internationally. While embracing the ancestral wisdom from cross-cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien, Kashaya-Pomo elder/healer Lorin Smith, and renowned South American sound healer/musician Tito La Rosa, René raises consciousness-vibration through Sacred Sound and Intention.

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