Sound Healing at Sound Quentin

It was my 2nd time playing for the men inside San Quentin prison this last Sunday, From the checkpoint guards to the 40+ inmates, I was received with respect…graciously, in fact. The men were thoughtful, receptive and deeply moved by the work. They had many many questions, and philosophical inquiries. -And once again, I am left pondering the humanity of our social “in-justice” system. Not saying it’s ALL bad, but to say it’s “really broken” is an understatement. Personally speaking, after awaiting a trial for the murder of my sister (still pending after 7 years!)–showing up to invoke “nurturing-healing energy” in a prison gives me stretch marks in ethics! Not because it was difficult to find compassion or empathy for their situation, but because it was really easy to see their humanness. Perhaps it’s easier when I don’t see “the whole story”, but regardless, I’d say a REAL spiritual intervention occurred for everyone involved. Bread & Roses Lisa knows all about it since she’s set it (me) up each time…the Warrioress, that she is! –And strangely enough, I look forward to the next time.