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“Ceremonia” is a Sacred Sound Journey performed with ancient indigenous instruments to support greater health & well being. An improvisation of spirit-inspired songs with sounds from our ancestral past. Featuring the didjeridu, conch shell, Mayan drone & Peruvian ritual flutes, dinosaur bone ocarina, whistling water vessels, drum, Tibetan bowls & more!

“WEYA” IS A KASHAYA-POMO WORD meaning nurturing-healing energy as expressed by elder/healer, Lorin Smith.

As sacred sound medicine, Weya brings nurturing-healing energy while you Journey through timeless realms of earthly and other-worldly dimensions. Rarely paired old & new world instruments conjure soundscapes of haunting melodies and easy to medium tempo grooves. (Native American, Mayan & Zapotec flutes, guitar, kalimba, didjeridu, hang drum, charango, Vietnamese jaw harp, vocals, and much more)


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