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WEYA IS A KASHAYA-POMO WORD meaning nurturing-healing energy as expressed by elder/healer, Lorin Smith.

As sacred sound medicine, Weya brings nurturing-healing energy while you Journey through timeless realms of earthly and other-worldly dimensions. Rarely paired old & new world instruments conjure soundscapes of haunting melodies and easy to medium tempo grooves. (Native American, Mayan & Zapotec flutes, guitar, kalimba, didjeridu, hang drum, charango, Vietnamese jaw harp, vocals, and much more)

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Weya salutes the life work of Lorin Smith, a native healer called a Yumptha of the Kashaya-Pomo Indians in Elk, California.

Weya is an offering of healing to every facet of your being. May the good-spiritedness of this recording resonate deep & long-lasting Weya within you and yours ~

Featured Musicians
René Jenkins – Mayan A & F# drone flutes, agave didjeridu, dan moi, mamma quena, dinosaur bone ocarina, Connie flute, gourd rattle, shakapa, papa rainstick, tingsha, bells, chimu water vessel, Zapotec quad clay flute, Tibetan bowls & koji chimes, udu on RiverWind, hummingbird hand drum on A Lone Wolf.
Ian Dogole – udu, kalimba, hang drum & shaker – iandogole.com
Nick Simmons – guitar & charango – nicksimmons.org
Kim Atkinson – tuned gongset, chimes – pulsewave.com
Ena Vie – goddess vocals on weya – enavie.com
Howard Lipp – weya chant – axismundientertainment.com

*Special thanks to my friend Kurt Morella for his unique envisioning of the CD Cover Art
An Earth-Friendly Factoid

Weya is made with Eco-Packaging printed on 100% Green Forestry Practices certified stock, and over 99% eco-friendly, vegetable-based inks. –But don’t eat it…play it!

5 reviews for “Weya” – Full Album CD

  1. J. Hamilton

    I’ve been listening to the song Weya The World many times over and find that it creates the most beautiful heart expansion and flow of love. It feels like heart medicine.

  2. G. Erdman

    I love your CDs!!!! I have one in my car and I listen to the music every day! It is the best healing music!

  3. Stacey Leigh Mohr – The Wave, Holistic Journal

    Each piece seems as if it is a prayer that takes you on a journey through the sacred sounds of ancient peoples. I have listened to this album intently, absorbing the healing beats, chimes, chants, and lyrical flutes, feeling the healing energy. I have also listened to it in the background, while driving, and felt calmed and soothed by the end of my journey, even without listening directly to the music. “Weya the World” is an especially beautiful and moving piece that I could listen to over and over again. If you are looking for some unusual music that will move you on a very deep level, I highly recommend “Weya” by Rene’ Jenkins.

  4. Jill S. – Joshua Tree, CA

    Thank you for your amazing sound healing this past weekend. I love Weya and can’t stop singing it! The harmonies with Ena Vie are beautiful.

  5. L. Macvey

    Thank you for your gift of Weya. It’s a stunning accomplishment with the assembled musicians improvising the entire CD in a single take. Gorgeous!

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