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WEYA IS A KASHAYA-POMO WORD meaning nurturing-healing energy as expressed by elder/healer, Lorin Smith.

As sacred sound medicine, Weya brings nurturing-healing energy while you Journey through timeless realms of earthly and other-worldly dimensions. Rarely paired old & new world instruments conjure soundscapes of haunting melodies and easy to medium tempo grooves. (Native American, Mayan & Zapotec flutes, guitar, kalimba, didjeridu, hang drum, charango, Vietnamese jaw harp, vocals, and much more)

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Weya salutes the life work of Lorin Smith, a native healer called a Yumptha of the Kashaya-Pomo Indians in Elk, California.

Weya is an offering of healing to every facet of your being. May the good-spiritedness of this recording resonate deep & long-lasting Weya within you and yours ~

Featured Musicians
René Jenkins – Mayan A & F# drone flutes, agave didjeridu, dan moi, mamma quena, dinosaur bone ocarina, Connie flute, gourd rattle, shakapa, papa rainstick, tingsha, bells, chimu water vessel, Zapotec quad clay flute, Tibetan bowls & koji chimes, udu on RiverWind, hummingbird hand drum on A Lone Wolf.
Ian Dogole – udu, kalimba, hang drum & shaker – iandogole.com
Nick Simmons – guitar & charango – nicksimmons.org
Kim Atkinson – tuned gongset, chimes – pulsewave.com
Ena Vie – goddess vocals on weya – enavie.com
Howard Lipp – weya chant – axismundientertainment.com

*Special thanks to my friend Kurt Morella for his unique envisioning of the CD Cover Art
An Earth-Friendly Factoid

Weya is made with Eco-Packaging printed on 100% Green Forestry Practices certified stock, and over 99% eco-friendly, vegetable-based inks. –But don’t eat it…play it!


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